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Welcome To The EMPIRE


Check out our Art Gallery of various concept arts that relate to Bloody Blue Mars and that are posted under the Gallery Tab of our Homepage. We provide concept arts of the Orbiter, which is not just the name of our entertainment room next to the Restaurant, but also the name of the shuttle in our gallery that you will see. We will also display pictures of our state of the art facility(from our restaurant, fighting academy and Entertainment room. We will also keep you updated with pictures from special events.


We provide you with the best, if not - one of the best state of the art multi-media on MP4 content that will be broadcast-ed either live, in advance or after review on social media throughout our restaurant, fighting academy, our entertainment room(which we refer to as "The Orbiter". Feel free to Acquaint yourselves and watch our videos. We will provide a detoured walk-through of our events, training videos and whatnot. 

About Us

Learn more about our company from our Administration and Management team to our philosophy and what we represent. We also provide in full in-depth detail what we are as an entrepreneurial Business & website that sponsors our daily and weekly podcast, where you can get your news, dine at our pub, tavern, restaurant(what ever you want to call it), get insites from our fighting Academy, where you can get your news and stay up to date with our published articles on our columns.

BBM-Radio Part 1
BBM-Radio Part 2


Here is where we write our news articles and blogs which will also be updated on our column tab to keep our fans and audience up to date with news from various media outlets and sources of what is going on in the world from sports, entertainment/pop-culture, culinary arts, Cinema, the acting and film-making industry, Hollywood, the gaming world and various other topics with our projects that are always in production at our studio.

Here you can also watch video clips or simply click on the attached sources from our articles that are published from the original content itself. In addition to that, You can also send us your ideas on what we can Write about as our daily headline and be on the lookout if your ideas make the headline of our news. And some ideas from the podcast may appear on our articles. You can also post our articles & blogs on your social media accounts. Stay tuned for our latest updates.

Our Radio Box 

Here in our music playlist(s) we have up to over 17,000 songs in total from rock to hip-hop/rap, R'n'B, country, house, trance, electronic and some latin music that will be played throughout the gym, restaurant, gaming room and on the dance floor. Be sure to download the spotify app to subscribe to our account @BBM-Radio and/or listen to our playlist which is listed or known as "Bloody Blue Mars(BBM Radio)." 

You can dance to Rap/Hip-Hop, Pop, R'n'B, House, Trance, Electronic and some latin music from our playlist on the dance floor with our DJ controlling Our Audio System in the studio room from upstairs. You can also play video games while listening to house, trance, electronic, rock or rap/Hip-Hop. And we will mostly be playing Rock, House, Country & Rap/Hip-Hop in our gym. 

On our home page, we also have two playlists divided and labeled as "BBM-Radio Part 1 & Part 2", due to a limit, with all the kind of genres that is for everyone's Choice, anybody's Favorite kind or Acquired interest in, that can be listened to throughout the website as well. We have a variety of songs that you may or may not be familiar with. You can also listen to our radio column on spotify as well. Enjoy every song we have to offer.











Follow up with our company's official Podcast: "Dragons on Mars" to get updates on their daily or weekly episodes where they cover pretty much most of every topic or subject that they talk about which will also be uploaded on our website including Sound cloud, i-tunes, Spotify, I heart radio and google podcasts. we will also probably be having special guests on their show, maybe once, twice, or thrice a month. so be sure to tune in whenever you can because you never know whom we might have on there with the main host and co-host, from athletes to actors or any other kind of celebrity. be sure to click down below on the hyperlink to direct you to our Podcast section on our website if you want to take an alternative route from our home page to the podcast tab and follow them also on their linked Social Media accounts as well. You can also send them your ideas/questions that you want them to talk about or answer on our podcast and stay tuned in for more scoops.

Dragons on Mars Podcast.jpg



Here in our Pub or tavern we have almost everything you can possibly imagine. We have a length-sized menu of dishes you could ask for. Here you can lounge in during our Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner hours. Where in our restaurant we have the entertainment room on the East wing, the Right side of the entertainment room in the restaurant. And where we have our Cinema room right next to it on the West wing, on the left side of the entertainment room in our restaurant, IN our restaurant we will also have a bar to serve alcoholic beverages as well from thousands of our beer imports that are made in Europe, North America, Central America & South America. Here, at Bloody Blue Mars, we also put our customers first and our administrative employees at work. Have fun & enjoy your stay.

Fighting Academy 

Here at the Bloody Blue Mars Championship Fighting Academy we teach Wrestling, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. From our wrestling & MMA divisions we teach all aspects which also include self-defense. Our school consists of faculty members that have any knowledge & experience in any, or at-least all of the fields from either sport listed above. Our facility will have trainers and coaches that will help & teach students the art of combat sports, to help perfect their craft, increase their athletic ability and better their performance. Our facility will have an MMA Octagon, a boxing ring, state of the art fighting equipment, a Pro-Wrestling ring, The squared circle mat for wrestling, an open space for warm ups, karate and tae-kwon do, and a fitness area for working out.  


Here at our store everything is online where you can purchase anything you are looking for or what we have to offer that you are interesting in buying. We sell items such as t-shirts, shorts, mugs, decals, lanyards, key chains, sports gear from our fighting academy & more. Everything we sell here is not overpriced or as extremely expensive as you would think. You can also sign up for our newsletters so we can email you rewards with promo-codes to get items off discount. If you're a student or armed force veteran you get 50% off your purchase, and I mean any item you purchase. And if you're a student at our fighting Academy you will alo get a 50% off disount on your items as well. We also use paypal or accept bitcoin. Be sure to join the BBM Team on your next purchase by following us on social media.



Here on our website when you subscribe to our newsletters via email you will receive discount Coupons through your email that you can use on your next purchase & on our latest items from our store when you sign up as a team member of the Bloody Blue Mars Club. You will receives a good percentage off on our items, you will also receive a 30 Day Free Trial at our Fighting Academy for fighting lessons in any combat sport & martial art of your choice along with a VIP Pass to tour with us and our Fighting Academy Crew throughout any Orlando or Tampa Theme Park(i.e. Universal, Disney, etc.) And there is much more Perks that comes with becoming a Bloody Blue Mars Member.


If you're interested in joining our team & working for our business in the culinary arts field as a chef, or as a waiter/waitress, front desk host, clerk, janitor, bartender, a DJ or as any other staff member; as a security guard, as one of our bouncers or as a fighting instructor for Boxing, MMA, Pro-Wrestling or any other kind of wrestling, karate, tae kwon doe, muay thai, kick-boxing, self-defense or any other form of marital arts, visit our career tab or click below and then scroll down to apply. Make sure to attach your resume and cover letter as well and then we will get back to you ASAP when we are hiring & recruiting.  

Social Media

Our Business has finally arrived, we saught & we conquered almost every social media platform on the most powerful technologically advanced tool that has been invented by all of mankind and that still keeps on giving & ever lastingly evolving, around the world wide web known as - "the internet". Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Myspace, Spotify & Youtube. 


If you want to stay in contact with us and if you have any questions or concerns, email us on the message board when click below or call us at our store by clicking on the link below.

Our Customer Service Representatives usually get back to our customers at a matter of time or as soon as possible.  


In this section we will consistently  provide a very concise in-depth detail of what every employeR's tasks are, who they are & what they do in our administrative team as the board of directors. before you choose to apply or learn more about what each employee does in and for our business, including the contributors at our website. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will also provide "Frequently Asked Questions" that we have answered from our perspective and point of view as a company with open, honest & informative answers that are relevant to the questions provided. These are just common questions that we usually get and receive. But if you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask us simply by either emailing us or contacting us through our website. If you want your question or questions to be added on our Frequently Asked Section for future reference so that nobody has to ask us the same question or questions over & over again, let us know as well by contacting us through the website, on the chat section or via email address messaging and we will be happy to add that with our responses & up to date answers. You can also check out our Frequently asked questions here by clicking on the button below.

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